1:1 Creative Strategy Session

What could take you months to figure out on your own, we'll cover in just sixty minutes.



We'll spend an hour going over

What's Working and Not Working In Your Content Strategy

How To Start Making More Money

The Blocks and Fears That Are Keeping You From Progressing

What Your Next Steps Are To Achieve Your Goals

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Who Is A 1:1 For?

This is for you if you're a creative who wants to do more with your art but is constantly seeing life get in the way of your progress. You're ready to build a community and maybe even a business around what you make, but aren't sure where to start, how to get your social media off the ground and what steps need to be taken.

You might be in the position where you want to show up and connect more with people online, but you find that your pits get all sweaty and the phone gets all smudgy because your afraid of what others might think when you put yourself out there.

How far along you are in the journey and what kind of art or creativity you make does not matter, so long as you want to make an impact with your work and use it to serve other people while also fulfilling your own dreams.

Who Is A 1:1 NOT For?

These calls are not for artists or creatives that want to have a "normal" progression through the creative industry. I'm looking to work with people who are trying to take their thing into their own hands, and aren't looking for someone to do it for them.

Creatives who say things like "I don't really want to do any of the promotion stuff, I just want to do my work" -- save your money.

What This Call Guarantees

Clarity on what to do next to achieve your creative goals.

Practical steps for how you can start increasing your income immediately.

A plan for how to grow your following, no matter what social media platform you're currently using.

Plus - we also record all calls, and they'll be sent to you for personal use and review!

My Guarantee is Stupid For Me - Awesome For You

If you don't walk out of the call 100% satisfied with the information you've received, just let me know before we hang up and I'll refund all your money on the spot! All I want to do is help you, and if I can't do that, I don't deserve to get paid.

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